Rattan with its casual elegance alludes to warm and exotic destinations. It whispers of travel, glamour and luxurious lifestyles. Rattan is versatile and is as comfortable outdoors as it is in a grand palace.

Bunny Mellon, renowned for her fine taste, incorporated rattan furniture into her interiors, enjoying it’s ability to lighten the grandest of rooms. She understood how to elevate this humble material.

Marella Agnelli of the famous Fiat empire, too loved rattan and understood that it balanced fine art and antiques. 

Elsie de Wolfe, America’s “first decorator” was known for her iconic design for the Trellis Room at the Colony Club, always incorporated rattan into her interiors.

Whilst, the great master Italian architect Renzo Mongardino integrated wicker into most of his interiors, most famously the dining room he designed for Valentino.