Wallpaper and wallcoverings are appearing in chic restaurants, boutique hotels, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and in design and fashion editorials.

Historically, wallcoverings were hand painted on silk for the nobility. Today they are readily available and instantly transform rooms & homes as well as updating any interior.

Maison Nurita features an exclusive range of natural paper-backed wallcoverings in Silks, Metallic Silks, Linens, Grasscloths, Micas and Corks in a wide range of sophisticated textured and colours. These elegant all natural products contain imperfections that are highly desirable.

Our patterns are modern and add luxury and richness to any interior while remaining affordable. The elegance and drama achieved with these wallcoverings cannot be realized with paint alone.



Classic silks, strie silks, dupioni silks or wild silks have irregular slubs running across the wallcoverings. They are available in soft neutrals as well as dramatic shades. Due to their luxurious and elegant nature, they elevate contemporary or modern interiors.


Our metallic Silks are the most luxurious line we carry. With metallic thread hand woven into the silk, these wallcoverings are the epitome of extravagance and richness. Architects and Interior Designers are using paper backed silks in designer boutiques and hotels.


A staple in the late 1970’s, grasscloth has had a revival in the last number of years. A natural versatile material, these wallcoverings appear in an array of pinks, greens, blues, grays and natural tones. Grasscloth compliments any style from tropical, traditional or contemporary. These wallcoverings are made from hand woven strands of natural fibers such as hemp, jute, seagrass and raffia.


Mica is a gorgeous natural stone that features an alluring shimmer and sparkle and has long been used since ancient times. These wallpapers come in lavish colours and patterns that exude glamour.


This natural material makes for a striking wallpaper that gives a natural and earthy feel. It is unapologetically modern, yet classic. There is a wonderful rich selection of colours.

Our homes and environments reflect who we are. Whatever one's taste or style, we have a wallcovering to portray that. 

xoxo Nurit