An Accessory in a room has the same effect as jewellery on a person. There are designers who encourage minimalism and the use of neutrals. Contrasting with that philosophy, my style is bold and fearless. I am drawn and attracted to glamour, opulence and the exotic. I love jewellery, and the use of minerals which is apparent in all my interiors. I select semi-precious stones for all our installations. Bathrooms and kitchens which are the center of a home are elevated using luxurious and rare precious stones.  My beautiful Mother was a woman ahead of her times. She graded diamonds and designed jewellery and was a huge influence in my life. I love crystal and painted glass. I scour the flea markets of Saint-Ouen outside of Paris which is always filled with treasures.  One senses the energy of  collectors and the respect of  history which is so important. There are stories to learn and interesting people to meet.