Growing up in South Africa, I inherited my love of flowers from my Father, Jonah who had a PhD in botany. Though I grew up in the city, my Father nurtured in his children a love of nature and agriculture. Adjacent to our home, was a huge plot of land where my Father planted a variety of vegetables and fruits. Our home was surrounded by large gardens which were richly planted with magnificent flowers and trees. Camellia shrubs, Rose gardens and beds overflowing with Hydrangeas were my daily backdrop. In their season a sea of blue Hyacinths perfumed the air. As a little girl I accompanied my Father on long walks which also doubled as mobile lessons. I was instructed and taught the name, Latin name and genus of every flower and shrub. After that I was tested to see if I remembered them by heart. A childhood filled with a love of nature, birds and flowers continue to excite me to this day. My favourite flower is the Lily of the Valley, which blooms in the spring. This delicate flower which has a beautiful scent was also the favourite of the Couturier, Christian Dior. He wore it in his buttonhole for his first runway show in 1947. Subsequently, he viewed the flower as his lucky charm and he made sure that the flower always had a place in his life. Artists have tried for thousands of years to capture the magical beauty of flowers. Using botanical drawings as references, jewellery designers and porcelain artists have all attempted to recreate simple and exotic species. In the mid seventeenth century, the Dutch traded in Tulip bulbs which were as valuable as semi precious stones. On my world travels I always search for flowers of every sort to bring home to Maison Nurita. I  have visited museums in many European cities to see how flowers were treated. From Fabergé to Sevres, artists and designers have attempted to preserve and honour all species of flowers. A few years ago I had the privilege of meeting the exceptionally talented Vladimir Kanevesky and was very honoured when he agreed to create some of my favourite porcelain flowers. Each one is a labour of love. I  have a small collection of his work in my home which I treasure as each one bring tremendous joy. On one of my trips to Paris I met the lovely Françoise of the beautiful store, Cabinet de Porcelain on the Left Bank, where I was introduced to the rich work of Samuel Mazy. Instantly a bond was formed and with enormous excitement I placed my first order for Maison Nurita.