Pillows have the ability to transform and elevate a room. At Maison Nurita we believe that every room should feel rich and luxurious. When starting a design build project from scratch, it is far easier to incorporate opulent details into the interiors.

Using silk velvets, satins, cut pile velvets and an assortment of metallic braids and trims, we design and create pillows of all styles to uplift and add elegance to a room. Silk velvet Leopard and Tiger are staples in our collections and we fabricate pillows using a variety of colours from natural, coral, fuchsia and chartreuse.

As well as manufacturing our line of Studio Maison Nurita pillows, we have exclusive ranges of opulent silk velvet embroidered pillows from Anke Dreshel, Sabina Fay Braxton, Fortuny, Bevilaqua as well as ranges from Brazil and Rome that are made specially for us.