We are excited to announce Mario Lopez Torres, a range of unique and whimsical rattan furniture at Maison Nurita, exclusive to Canada.

Mario Lopez Torres was born in 1952 in Mexico City, Mexico. Always an artistic child, he entered a school of Fine Arts and later studied weaving techniques and began experimenting with metal frames.

Mario studied under the tutelage of renowned artists Ana Pellicer and James Metcalf in metal handling techniques which led him to launch his own eponymous line in 1974, combining the craft of wire art structure with chuspata weaving.

The weaving process is created using a vegetable fibre that grows abundantly on the banks of the lake in his hometown.

Our attraction to these exceptional pieces are their large scale and whimsy. Never before have we come across rattan furniture that features life-size animals and tropical plants. How wonderful to be served drinks from a grand giraffe or to be greeted daily by a flock of flamingos abiding in ones dining room. These handmade works shift direction from traditional designs and transport us to the world of the exotic and make believe.