Anke Drechsel is known around the world for her unique brand of home textiles and accessories created with luxury craftsmanship. Each bespoke piece is hand made. Some pillows are embellished with fine embroidery on custom dyed silk velvets, raw silks, cottons and linens. The colour and fabric combinations are near to endless making each piece a one of a kind work of art. There are pillows crafted out of ombre dyed velvets with fringes of magnificent colours as well as velvets that have designs stamped in faded metallics. Nurit has personally traveled to Europe to meet with Anke and her team with enormous pride. Maison Nurita carries this beautiful line, exclusively in Toronto. Having worked as a designer for many years, Nurit recognizes and understands what clients are searching for. Anke Drechsel has a huge inventory or textiles, patterns, embroideries and colours from which to choose. Working in collaboration with Anke, Maison Nurita selects the appropriate fabrics, designs and patters to offer our clientele a balanced combination of styles that span the periods of classicism, mid-century and contemporary. Working on a collection takes a few months and once the items arrive in store, they don’t stay very long. Though pillows are their signature items, the range also encompasses quilts, embroidered velvet blankets, footstools in the shape of turtles, embroidered elephants, totes and pouches.